Founding Partner

Richard Hoffman


Richard Hoffman has spent his professional career working on the continent of Africa in the quest of drawing western private equity and venture capital investments for the development of industry and commercial opportunity throughout Sub Saharan Africa. Richard has dedicated his entire professional career to the development and prosperity of the African continent.

At the age of 22, his firm was accorded distribution rights to Taser International. With this goal in mind, Richard worked alongside chiefs of police, the minister of finance, and the minister of interior to assist them in the procurement of these devices; he did this all in the hopes of providing greater protection for their police officers and citizens.

As a consequence of his term in Africa, Richard has developed a vast professional, political, and socioeconomic system through the African marketplace which supports the ventures of American Ventures.

Richard has spent the greater part of the past decade as the President of the Dikembe Mutombo led investment fund, American Ventures. American Ventures' dedication to the investment and development of the economic opportunities throughout the African marketplace is what guides their enterprise. Contemporarily, American Ventures has merged with NUE Capital.