Founding Partner

Ray Lewis


Ray Lewis is widely considered to be one of the most dominant and influential players in the history of the NFL. Mr. Lewis led the Baltimore Ravens to victory in Super Bowl XXXV (where he was named Super Bowl MVP) and again in Super Bowl XLVII, in what would be his final game of his career.

He is only the second player in NFL history to win both the NFL Defensive Player of the Year and Super Bowl MVP awards in the same year. In 2018 he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

After successful investments in tech, software, and solar energy he has also built a multi-million dollar brand and become an accomplished author with a New York Times best seller in 2015. When he is not working on his businesses you can see him on Showtime’s inside the NFL and also makes guest appearances across all major television networks. Outside of his business career Mr. Lewis is involved in charitable activities, motivational speaking, and mentoring.

Mr. Lewis has recently launched his Podcast “Everyday Greatness” The Ray Lewis Podcast which has received overwhelming reviews.