Board of Governors

Dr. M'zee Fula-NGENGE


Dr. M'zée Fula-NGENGE is a Chief Global Economist, an experienced Mining Engineer, as well as a highly respected Senior Strategy Advisor and Professional Liaison to both, the public and private sector.

Over the last four decades, this seasoned veteran has occupied several notable Advisory Board and leadership roles within the international diamond trade.

Earlier in his career, Dr. Ngenge established JFPI Corporation in 1982, a private holding and economic empowerment conglomerate that he continues to preside over as founding Executive Director.

In 1986, M'zée was honorably recognized as the world's first Diamantaire of African descent, after successfully introducing Ideal & Super-Ideal Cut diamonds to the global diamond supply chain. These highly sought-after Hearts & Arrow diamonds have rapidly increased in popularity since the 1990's.

Dr. Ngenge began his tenure in 1999 as Chairman of the African Diamond Council (ADC), Africa's official diamond governing body. Through this authoritative alliance, he vigorously administers, defends and promotes eighteen unified African diamond producing countries, which impressively represents 67% of the world diamond production in carat weight and which contributes more than $8.5 billion USD in revenue to the global diamond industry.

This accomplished diamond official also served as Chief Administrative Developer in 2000 and became Project Launch Team Coordinator in 2001 for Kimberley Process (KP), a diamond certification scheme to eradicate blood/conflict diamonds.

In 2001, Dr. M'zée was a principal trustee and decisive proponent in an effort to establish Dubai as a major diamond and jewelry manufacturing center, laying the foundation for a successful launch of Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) in 2002.

Following this undertaking, this graduate gemologist established the now defunct African Diamond Producers Association (ADPA) in 2005, where he served as its Chairman Emeritus until his recent resignation in January 2021, which was ascribable to the intergovernmental branch's overt ineffectiveness and disreputable mismanagement.

In early 2017, M'zée drafted a bold and assertive revenue recovery proposal that urged the Republic of Angola to implement "Operation Transparency" in late 2018, and internationally lauded campaign that was effective in combatting illegal immigration, unlawful exploration diamonds as well as environmental crimes related to the plundering of natural resources, such as diamond smuggling.

In addition to this, Dr. M'zée was assigned at the beginning of 2019 as Chairman and Managing Director of the African International Diamond Exchange (AIDEX), Africa's most transparent rough diamond supplier for four diamond exchanges in Antwerp, the Diamond Exchange District in Ramat Gan, the world's largest diamond bourse in Mumbai as well as the largest Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates.

At the end of 2019, he was entrusted as Chairman of Board of Trustees for the African Diamond Trust Fund (ADTF), a fully-integrated, autonomous financial depository and vault operator for ethically-mined rough diamonds originating in Africa.

As part of his social commitment to Africa, M'zée is tremendously active in the non-profit world as is a leading advocate of ecotourism and conservation-led development on the African continent. He is an assertive country promoter of Africa and African intellect in twelve different languages. This former athlete has built a reputation as a major contributor to sports initiatives through his Africa Athletics Foundation (AAF) and Olympic Committees based in Africa.
To exhibit consistency as an advocate for African Arts & Culture, M’zée sits on the Advisory Board for Pavillon Afriques (PA), a globally acclaimed locality exclusively devoted to African cinema and its diaspora. This event is annually held within the Marché du Film at the prestigious, invitation-only, Festival de Cannes. As Africa’s leading Jazz connoisseur, M’zée highlights the mastery of his musical proficiency through various Africa-based music festivals and by way of Cultural Connections Africa (CCA), an experienced guild of international entertainment industry professionals working to globally preserve African music.