Vice President of Operations

Brian Payne


Brian Payne is a Founding Partner of Bluestar Venture Group, a solution-based organization dedicated to sourcing exclusive, first-of-their-kind technologies. His ability to support and represent new products and technologies consists of development, market strategy, distribution, and funding. Brian has significant experience in analyzing risk and implementing sustainable business models to bring significant impact not only to our market partners but to the surrounding social and economic environments of our target markets.

Previously, Brian worked in Bank of America’s Corporate Investment/Corporate Treasury for 5 years and then was CFO of Tidal Marine Insurance, which was acquired by a domestic leading underwriting manager.

Brian is currently contributing to the development of the United Carbon Citizen’s company strategy across all areas of the business, providing analysis and guidance on all activities, plans, targets and business drivers. Brian is working with the team to grow the business and formulate strategies. He will then work to ensure that UCC’s policies, procedures, systems and partners are robust, compliant and able to support current activities as well as future growth.