Shared Platform

Our Shared Platform is the key to catalyzing growth, increasing ownership and creating enterprise value. These solutions ensure businesses do not simply survive, but that these entrepreneurs and the communities they serve, THRIVE.

Three Powerhouse Forms of Capital

Due to the systemic lack of access that entrepreneurs of color have historically faced, we provide  three types of capital.  Beyond financial capital, there is an expanded network of support and access to high impact supply chain opportunities that are integral for true business success. This strategic approach contributes to closing the wealth gap by utilizing our network to advance our portfolio companies.

Influential Capital

We understand the global influence of athletes and entertainers. Knowing that culture moves commerce, the founding partners of NUE have extensive networks of influencers who are aligned with our mission and provide our portfolio companies with a unique competitive advantage.

Social Capital

Billion Dollar Roundtable members and other corporations with ESG requirements and/or CSR goals, work towards equitable participation in the supply chain for diverse businesses. Portfolio companies benefit from our experience and network.

Financial Capital

Providing growth capital through our investment funds and network of strategic co-investors, we focus on well-positioned and disruptive companies set to scale.

The Three E’s

Education, Entrepreneurship and Employment are the foundation of our shared platform. Our nonprofit programming ensures results in these categories. Entrepreneurs of color have a history of innovation and offer a unique competitive advantage in the marketplace that we shall nurture and optimize.


Professional development within our communities is one pillar of our educational programming. Our programs include capacity building and executive coaching to ensure our entrepreneurs maximize their offerings to become sustainable enterprises. We focus on product development, operational efficiencies, financial analysis and systems, business development and capital readiness. Our programming at colleges and universities allows us to mentor and prepare the next generation of corporate executives and community leaders.


Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA) is acquiring and operating an existing small business which is a time-tested path to entrepreneurship. Our entrepreneurs search for a current business which has people, product, and processes.  Our entrepreneurs acquire those assets to mitigate start-up risks. ETA is capitalizing on a major demographic shift in the United States: more than 40% of all small businesses are owned by baby boomers. A recent survey by Wilmington Trust suggests that nearly 60% of boomers do not have a succession plan.


We partner with workforce development initiatives that support returning citizens, those that left the workforce and those that never truly participated. Scaling MBE’s (Minority Business Enterprises) creates greater demand for employees. These organizations increase the talent pipeline reducing recidivism and broadening opportunities for those displaced from high-potential careers. Our approach closes the loop on the talent shortage, increases the number of living wage career opportunities and decreases high unemployment rates in BIPOC communities.